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Melange International Grill

About us

Invigorating the feel of a backyard barbecue in a contemporary dining finesse, Mélange International Grill, located in Port de Plaisance, next to the dazzling Princess Casino, truly is a new culinary experience within the Gourmet capital of the Caribbean St. Maarten / St. Martin.

The young entrepreneur cum executive chef of Mélange, Nikhil Gurnani, is a graduate from the world's finest hospitality school, Les Roches international, Switzerland. From his profound passion for food and international exposure, emerges Mélange with its unique grill on table concept.

Mélange offers a wide array of skewers, which are grilled to perfection, right at your table! It features a culinary ethnicity of skewers/ kebabs, in an international fusion, embracing Greek, Turkish, Moroccan, Indian, Lebanese, Persian and other global flavors, seasonally. The Grill menu offers a sumptuous variety of unlimited succulent meats, seafood and vegetarian skewer options accompanied w th luscious salads, tantalizing appetizers, signature sides and their fresh-from-the- oven bread basket.

Adore the warm scintillating amber interiors while the bar connoisseurs will keep you in high spirits with their signature cocktails, finest liquors and award- winning international wines.

Indulge in a sweet surrender with our signature homemade desserts like the Green tea Panna Cotta, Exotic Mangomisu or the Sinful Sizzling Brownie. Enjoy the exotic flavored liqueur coffees to top it off for the nightcap.

Originating from the Caribbean culinary culture, barbecue and grill foods are not only a rising global trend, but is also evidently one of the most ancient and healthiest forms of cooking.

Stay Healthy! Stay Trendy!

For one set price you dine to your hearts content. You will be continuously served our sumptuous skewers accompanied with your choice of appetizer, salad and side dish

It's time to Grill

+1721 526 4049